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Content Marketing

Evergreen contentcontent that remains relevant for an extended timeis an investment in your business, driving free, organic search traffic to your website and building brand authority.

For effective content marketing, you need more than the right words. You need the right competitive strategy. I can help you get there.

Let me help you reach your goals by putting my content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing expertise to work for you.


Blog Posts and Articles

Backed by thorough competitive and topic research, I write posts capable of ranking on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

Email Newsletters

Cultivate loyalty with your subscribers.  Connect with them regularly through relationship-building email newsletters.

Lead Magnets & White Papers

Grow your email list by offering your website’s visitors valuable content for download in exchange for their email addresses.


Position yourself as an industry expert and build your following. As a ghostwriter, I write from your specifications and you put your name on it.



Below you will find samples of my work. These represent only a small portion of past projects.

If you don’t see a sample relevant to your own project request, feel free to contact me. I’ll privately send suitable samples.

Email Newsletters: 

Orthopedic Surgery Supplier


My Work Process

GETTING STARTED: We’ll discuss the topic, scope, goals, and deadlines for your project.

If we’re a fit, the project details will be captured in the content brief (more on that later) and I’ll reserve a spot on my calendar for your project.

TYPE OF CONTENT: Unless otherwise agreed, you’re hiring me to produce written content only. My fee doesn’t include the production of graphics, although I do make recommendations about visual media when I think it could benefit SEO.

FEEDBACK/DEADLINES: You’ll receive the draft of your content on the agreed-upon delivery date via Google Docs (unless a different program is specified).

Please note: Any agreed-upon deadlines will be based on the assumption that the materials and/or input I need to move forward are given in a timely manner.

A delay of more than two business days is likely to push my delivery date back by the same amount.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: I appreciate that several people in your organization may need to contribute to the content development process.

However, for clarity of direction, it’s best if one person, who compiles input from the other stakeholders, could act as my single point of contact on the project.

PAYMENT: My payment terms are within 7 days from the date on my invoice, with 50% of the total fee payable before I start work on the project. Receiving partial payment in advance allows me to block off time on my calendar for your project.


Content Brief (You)

The content brief specifies your project’s topic, scope, goals, and deadlines. I’m happy to provide a template, if needed.

Alternatively, for an additional fee, I can create the brief myself based on your requirements and my research.

Having a content brief to guide the work establishes clear expectations from the start and helps projects run smoothly.


Outline (Me)

After receiving the content brief, I’ll prepare a post-research outline before I begin writing.

Especially with first-time clients, I prefer to get approval on the outline to ensure we’re in agreement before I start the first draft.

You’ll receive regulalr email updates as I work.


First Draft (Me), Feedback (You), Revisions (Me)

I strive to deliver a spot-on first draft, but some changes will probably be required.

Once I receive your feedback on the first draft, I’ll incorporate any changes into a revised document.

To ensure that you’re completely happy with the finished project, up to two rounds of revisions are included in my fee.

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